Poets who have read at Morden Tower

The first list of writiers at the Tower was compiled in 1974: ten years after the first reading on the 16th of June 1964. This was possibly one of the most interesting periods in English - American - Scottish - Irish Writing, in the sense that the seeds were being cast furiously on shores, and as will be seen by even the swiftest glance at this list, the Morden Tower was playing no small part in the adventure. All of these writers were enthusiatic about the Morden Tower, some of them like Ed Dorn, Allen Ginsberg, Tony Harrison,Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney read many times.

In the first two years Basil Bunting attended every Morden Tower reading and after that whenever he was at home he continued to grace the evenings with his presence. He made many friends at Morden Tower.

The list is an ongoing project, we are aware that we haven't included everyone and hope to put this right. Please email from the contact page if we have missed you or someone you know.

There have been many singer song writers and exprimental musicians at the Morden Tower, we hope to include them all in due course.

Poets who have read at Morden Tower

The Above list was compiled
in May 1974 by David Westerley
who admits there may
be some missed out.
The Following list
includes those since